Revlon & Sally Hansen with update

Good afternoon, Today I have some more Revlon and Sally Hansen swatch and reviews. 

First off the Sally Hansen Complete salon Manicure smooth & strong base coat: it claims to be a :A gel-like base coat, that smoothes ridges and imperfections for salon results at home. This Biotin & Spirulina enriched formula, with self-leveling action, fills ridges evenly. Hardens weak nails and adds densitiy to thin nails to help prevent splitting. The results? Smooth, beautiful nails, salon-perfect color application.**

Now onto my use and opinion-It dries quick, even application however it DID NOT smooth my nails, my nails felt rough and dry with one coat of this, so I applied a second coat, then it finally felt smooth and was of course shiny. To the strength claims I am not sure yet as I change polish so often and before this I was using Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and yes that made my nails grow great I have to say but it did not help with splitting and peeling at the free edge. So I figured I would try this base coat for a little while. I bought it at rite aid for 8.99! If you going to use this alone I would suggest 2 coats. 

Then here comes good ol’ Revlon Brilliant Strength in Beguile, I chose this color because it is dark and has a deep dark blue to it. Some say it is supposed to be a deep purple…I do not see that, but of course as usual I love how Revlon applies, dries, and lasts.I was very happy with this. (lets hope my nails are not badly stained) I used 2 coats of SHCM base coat then 2 coats of Beguile and a top coat of Poshe. I did my nails yesterday and have showered and washed my hands numerous times and no chipping yet, let’s hope it stays that way ❤ 

What do you think of this color? I know it’s not fall yet for dark colors but I am kinda tired of summer colors and wanted to switch it up ❤ Have you used the Sally Hansen Base Coat? What did you think?

UPDATE 9-6-15

Well, the Sally Hansen complete manicure base coat did not do well for me at all, I did 3 dishes and all 4 layers of polish down to the nail came up on my pinkie finger 😦 I was so not happy. as my tips were even capped. so with regular use this base coat did not work well, and yes I do use gloves also but when I am trying a new polish I really put if to the test because I want to know what it can handle and what it cannot, and the only change on this manicure was the base coat, therefor I have to say that was the cause, If you are very easy on your nails and ALWAYS wear gloves and use your hands gently this base coat may be for you, but for busy moms and people who need a tough base coat this would not be it, sorry to say 😦 

Thanks for reading and miss you all xoxo Laura NPL

Revlon BeguileSally Hansen Complete Manicure base coat

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