Nubian Heritage Body Wash Review

I am excited to share this review with you!

Nubian Heritage coconut-papaya body wash review

Nubian Heritage coconut-papaya collection Is a collection of great smelling good for your body organic collection. This is what they say about this body wash on the website “A gentle, creamy body wash that cleanses with nourishing Coconut Oil and Organic Shea Butter. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E soften and soothe. Skin is renewed as Papaya enzymes gently exfoliate to reveal younger-looking, brighter skin.”** Do I agree?? Yes most definitely!! Now some of you may think because of the word exfoliate word that it may have beads in it, it does NOT, which I was very glad to find out when I used it. It did not dry out my skin. It lathers great with very little, and leaves no nasty residue behind. The smell has a faint very faint linger after the shower but that is because it does not contain nasty ingredients to keep your skin smelling like body spray half the day.I am happy about everything it offers. You should check it out.I know now I will be trying out more of there collections and products

I chose this body wash after reviewing and reading a lot online about it. Of course I check almost everything I use on Nubian Heritage ewg report, I was happy to see most of the numbers are all very very low which means way better for you and your skin, This body wash smells so tropical as soon as you open the cap.I could not wait to get home and try it. The smell is even better in the shower, I really wanted to just pour a whole bunch and stay in there like I was on vacation but I didn’t as that would not be good for my shower filter 😦

I hope this review was helpful and maybe you will go try a good for your skin great smelling body care product from them (yes I bought this myself, it was not free for a review)   Have you used this brand? What do you think?

xoxo Laura NPL


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