Saturday Mani & update

Hello, I am so sorry have not been posting much lately. I have had so much going on with Drs, kids, and the puppy.It seems every time I go to do my nails the dogs and kids are right there lol but they come first. Today my mani did not come out so well which is a little frustrating and then I get hate comments on top of that due to my blog wording not being perfect. Oh well, I am me and this is my blog. Then to top it off I ordered from two different nail companies and both had a billing/shipping issue so my new nail polish is not on its way 😦 I am so frustrated right now, if companies are going to have online sales make sure it runs right. Just my opinion. 

Anyhow, below you will see my mani of the weekend which will be getting changed very soon, I do not like it. I am a Revlon nail polish lover as you all know and this one did not perform as most of their polishes do. 

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab update: Hmmm, now my nails have gone from hard and growing to very soft and a little growth with white patches at the nail tips, I have never had that happen, and the polish is so thick now it is hard to apply evenly. I am not sure if this is a bad batch or what the case is however I am a little stumped by this because I love the way it works at making my nails look healthier. 

I hope everyone has had a great week, I hope next week is better 🙂 ❤ xoxo Laura NPL 

(sorry the nail polish pic is not good, my camera is having issues I think)

Saturday Mani Revlon Rich Raspberry


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