Genuine Czech etched glass 5.5″ nail file review

Good morning everyone, I have another review for you. I received my new glass nail file last night 🙂 and I love it. Sooooo much better than regular nail files or metal ones that rip and make nails worse, now as you all know I try hard not to ever clip my nails because to file is better, This file came just as described and with a protecting sleeve. I used it and boy does it make your free edge so smooth and FAST, a few swipes in one direction and you see the white flakes fall. quick, easy, great price and smooth nails. I am happy with this purchase. These claim to be : and you can find them HERE different sizes and colors available 

  • Czech Republic made tempered glass
  • Guaranteed to never wear out or wear down
  • Continued use reduces chipping, peeling and splitting of natural nails
  • easy to clean also with just a little soap and water let air dry

Glass nail file glass nail file

I will see how they overall help my nails and hold up. So far so good. 

Do you use a glass nail file? Do you find them better? would love to hear from you all 

Thanks xoxo NPL


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