sorry I have been very busy since yesterday, I got a dog that has a really bad skin problem, and shy trying to nurture him be his mommy 🙂 now the sally hansen nail rehab. what a bummer, I had it on almost 24 hrs and already had a split/peel up 😦 I feel lost something has to work so anyhow back it went to rite aid

still on the hunt for a great base coat for hard dry nails

xoxo Laura NPL

14 thoughts on “Update

  1. Have you tried OPI nail envy? I always use that as a base and have no problems with peeling or lifting. My nails are dry as I do abuse them even though I use cuticle oil like it’s going out of fashion lol xx

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      1. Yes I have actually been looking into the brand but wondering if they are good before I order, I have had 3 ordering and shipping issues just this week 😦 so I am a little frustrated where to shop with no issues besides amazon lol
        Thanks so much where did you find there ingredients?


      2. Nails inc are a really good brand, I’ve got a lot of their polishes and they are good quality. The new style bottle and brush is the best I’ve ever used. I got that link from their website xx

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