Huge Thank you to all

Good morning everyone, I am having my usual coffee lol yes I know I need CAA but it is so good I am hooked ❤ I hope you all have been enjoying my blog, as I enjoy all of yours. I have found so many interesting and inspiring blogs I never knew blogging could be this exciting. I have now reached 100 followers and that means a lot to me<3 as blogging has helped me emotionally so much. Yesterday I was nominated by two bloggers for the sisterhood of the world blogger award. Thanks so much to FUNLOVINTRAVELERS & CLAREMYLIFEINWORDS, their blogs are very lovely and please make sure you head over and take a peak at them. Later on as I have already done the award I will answer each of their questions on a separate post as I love sharing things about me, sharing and interacting with bloggers is one of the most rewarding benefits to me. 


Thanks so much for reading and please know how much you all mean to me ❤ Love and care for your nails ❤ Laura

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