Surprise Nail Polish Giveaway UPDATE PLEASE READ

Hello Beauties ❤ as you all know (people who read my blog) I have become sensitive to nail polish ingredients so I have a few nail polish’s I cannot use and instead of tossing them I figured I would do a giveaway. You may choose to keep the items you win to yourself or give them as a gift its totally up to you. I just want to thank all my followers so much and the 600 likes I am up to means a lot from my followers from the very beginning, also of course to get rid of some brand new things I do not use and add in some goodies to the winner (no they will not be old and unusable)

All contents included are brand new never used.

Brands will include:

Wet N Wild

Pure Ice

Maybelline Color Show


Dr Marvey Colorwell

Julie G


and other surprise goodies 🙂

Giveaway dates: starts, July 16, 2015@ 3pm and Ends July 25, 2015 @ 3pm

The winner will be chosen and emailed by 9:PM eastern time on July 25, 2015
The winner has 48 hours to reply to my email to them, then I will go onto the next one. I will be using a online tool that draws a random name so that it is totally a surprise to me and you all.

To enter is simple,

1. you must have already been following me before this post.

2. RESIDE IN USA  I can only ship to US

3. Email me at: with these details:

                Name, blog url, & your top 3 nail polish brands you love!! That is it ❤ super easy right….That is the point hehe

Thanks for reading and best wishes to all ❤ You all truly inspire me in one way or another.

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