Klare New York Nail Polish

Oh beauties I am so excited to share this brand with you. I am not sure if you are aware of Klare New York polish or not but here is a little information on her & the brand. 


ALL Klare polish is 5 free and vegan which is the best in my personal opinion. The story of how Klare polish came about is interesting to me as I am also a mom! Karen who is the founder for Klare Nail Polish was a mom of 3 who loved to bake and create custom cakes in 2008 however I take it from her bio that being a busy mom of 3 and doing custom cakes just was not in the cards after a while, then Karen was inspired to make a safe 5 free nail polish line. Now as a mom of 4 from 3 yrs old to 16 yrs old I have to give her major props. She has done a wonderful job with this polish. Now to the review 🙂

Karen was so nice to send me three colors to try out and review, she also is a very friendly person and reliable. I received very prompt replies with any questions I had. Which let’s be honest here, that is hard to find with companies now days, so that impressed me very much.

The formula: Oh I love it!! I called it one coat wonder as soon as I was done, and I have not said that about many nail polish brands. It is a nice consistency, easy to work with and quick drying.  The smell is low and goes away after a little while and did not bother me. I could go on about how much I love it but I will just move on to the pictures.

The color I used today is Vintage Blue and I love it, it has total opaque in one coat, at least for me it did. It is a nice creme greenish blue with great shine. This may not be a summer color but I would wear it year around. Definitely a keeper as I do not have color close to this in my collection. In a few days I will switch it up post pictures of the sassy jaz red & classic blue. I highly recommend you head on over to her website, and I will tell you no there is not as many options as big name companies however that is the best part to me, someone who puts in thought to her passion and creativity along with being a busy mom. I know I would tell everyone to go buy a color that you like!!

I hope you found this review helpful. Much love to all xoxo Laura

In the sunlight
In the sunlight
Klare New York Vintage Blue
Klare New York Vintage Blue
Arrived very well packed
Arrived very well packed
Sassy Jaz Red, Vintage Blue & Classic Blue
Sassy Jaz Red, Vintage Blue & Classic Blue

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