To all my beauty bloggers who love makeup

Good Morning, I hope you all are doing great. I have very IMPORTANT thing I need suggestions on. 

I am looking for help finding a great coverage liquid foundation,concealer,and finishing or pressed powder for OILY SKIN

I have light/medium skin tone  with neutral undertones and some redness, pore issues,

Thanks to all of my readers ❤ ❤


7 thoughts on “To all my beauty bloggers who love makeup

  1. I have the opposite problem (dry skin like the desert!) but you may wish to try Wayne Goss’ recommendation of applying your liquid foundation OVER your powder. I know it sounds totally weird, but it works for me to keep my foundation from turning into a sweat slick on hot days. He has a YouTube video on it!

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  2. Try the Estée Lauder double wear range! The foundation is the most popular but they also have a concealer. It stays in put literally until you decide it needs to come off and NEVER slides off your face before hat. For pressed powder either Rimmel stay matte or bobbi brown translucent pressed powder. Love your blog, would be amazing if you could check mine out too xxx

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    1. thanks dear i don’t know if it is close to there original fit me but the first one I tried had no coverage I will have to look into it more. Thanks son much for your suggestion dear ❤


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