More Nail polish Research

Good morning, I hope you all are going to have a lovely weekend. I am just having my coffee ❤ and doing some more nail polish research of reviews, ingredients, safety, etc. I hope you find it useful. If you are looking for any info on a specific brand please comment and I will research it . xoxo Laura

  1.  Good Guide nail polish reviews and ratings
  2. EWG nail polish ratings on ingredients safety
  3. Womens Voices on chemicals in nail polish
  4. Consumer Reports nail polish that lasts
  5. ABC news nail polish safety

Here are a few to get started and I am sure most of you like me research a lot of things and may have seen these but figured I would share my safety tips for this morning for those who are nail polish safety lovers or sensitive to ingredients. Unfortunately not all of us can go and wear Essie or o.p.i or strong odor brands.


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