OHHHH MY….Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award

I have the pleasure of sharing another award with you today, as another nail polish obsessed lady nominated me! ❤ Her blog is awesome please make sure you check it out. Big Thanks goes to fivezero !! 

I did not do my own award pic this time **
I did not do my own award pic this time **

Here are the questions she asked me 🙂 Theme being summer ❤

1. Nail polish for summer (tips and toes)?

I cannot say one color as I change so often, but as far as my favorites for summer are: Bright creme or shimmer blues,pinks,& sheer colors.

2. What sunscreen are you using?

When I do use sunscreen I use this as it works for me and my kids 🙂

3. Your favorite outfit for hot weather?

I always go to my basic strap cami tank and cut off jean shorts & of course my DC or New Balance slide sandles.

4. Best book you had to read over school summer vacation?

I do not have school in any form, and I have only read personally online this summer. The actual books I have read are Spiderman & My little Pony to my toddlers on a regular basis 🙂

5 .Movie you are most looking forward to seeing?

**pic from ff7 facebook

I am patiently waiting to see Fast and Furious 7 RIP Paul Walker 😦

6. Summer beverage of choice?

My monster iced coffee cup lol
My monster iced coffee cup lol

That is so easy ❤ Iced decaf coffee.(we make it at home as it is healthier) It is my year around crutch!!

7. Summer meal of choice?

My pasta salad that everyone in the house raves for year around.

8. Favorite summer outdoor activity?

We live in a very small town with not much but it is called ATV country for a reason, we have ATV trails everywhere and they have access to all roads so, watching them and going to ATV festivals :)I am kinda a country girl.

9.Favorite flower?


All time favorite would have to be Lilac flowers and trees I have always found the smell and look of them so soothing

10. How do you feel when fall eventually comes?

I get excited and LOVE the season of Fall so much, the decorating,kids and dogs costumes,colors of the trees changing. I love it ❤

The people I am going to choose to nominate are: 

Tatiana’s Garden


Ana http://alilacquer.com

Amie  https://am1ec.wordpress.com

Tara http://myfavesubboxes.com

Now I have a few questions for my lovely people I nominated ❤ No theme just general questions.

1. What is your best summer memory so far for 2015?

2. Do you have a favorite website that you always go to? what & why?

3. Do you donate to any charity? which one and why?

4. What is your favorite way to unwind and relax?

5. What brand of health or beauty product would you never give up?

Thank you so much to all. I have no sisters that I can say of so I hope to find good communication on my social sites as well as doing my blog.I love reading all your blogs and thank anyone who has ever given input or suggestions dearly ❤


4 thoughts on “OHHHH MY….Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for answering my questions! What great answers! 🙂 Homemade iced coffee sounds amazing….and are we gonna get that pasta salad recipe? 😀

    ❤ Lilacs. They smell so good, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am sure you all have had it 🙂 but I make two different ones as my 16 year old son is a meat lover and I am on a heart diet. The kiddos are a bit cranky so I will post my recipe to you later ok hun ❤


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