Dollar Shave Club Subscription…Are they good?

Oh Yes they are , I am a returning customer ❤

I Have a review for you now, Boy has it been a busy busy day since 3 am 🙂 I just received my subscription of Dollar shave club and I chose the 6 blade razors for me and the hubby, we used these last winter and then moved and never started our subscription again 😦 I have missed these truly, I have so much less irritation with their blades. I have used the 4 and 6 blades. Both are great, and a great price, exceptional quality.

You can click HERE to go to their website, look around and see if you might like them. Search the web for reviews also, they are a top-selling razor at a fraction of the cost. I can tell you from experience that if you have any product issues or shipping/receiving issues they will make it right and right away not make you wait forever.

The Handle is very sturdy but not too heavy (at least for me), and has grippers on it to help prevent losing your grip.The blades do last a while before going dull and you get less irritation if you have sensitive skin like me. The lubrication strip may not be with Olay lotion or what have you but it works well. The 6 blade comes with the trimmer, obviously I have not used it lol, but it does not get in the way of my shaving every area either, just remember to go easy and not too much pressure as that goes with any good razor.

Price: $1.00(has 2.00 s&h) to $9.00 a month with 4 cartridges, free handle and shipping. You can cancel anytime,or change your frequency if you prefer every other month.if you want to change your blade that is also easy to do, want another razor handle? add one for $4.00 to your order, want to order extra razor heads add it on for $8.00/4 pack of the 6 blades. You choose what you want when you want. Plus they sell shave butter, post shave cream,and miracle repair serum, along with men’s hair styling products along with some refreshing man wipes.

It is definitely worth it so give it a try, hey if you don’t like it get a refund. Easy I would say ❤

I tried to take the clearest pics possible to show you. sorry if the blade one is a bit blurry.

Much love to all and thanks for reading.

Have you used these? How do you like them? Please share your experience


6 blades
6 blades

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