Coty Inc Brands…Did you know?

Coty inc has been around for ever, I can remember my gram buying there products and I always thought some of there products were on the cheap side so tried to stay away..boy did I learn something new today. Maybe you all new but I didn’t lol and here I have always LOVED Calvin Klein ❤ ❤ 

Click here for> Coty Brand List


2 thoughts on “Coty Inc Brands…Did you know?

  1. i also associated them with cheap stuff when I was younger! Then I discovered the zillions of brands they owned, and found out that they’re one of the largest and oldest cosmetic conglomerates in the world. LOL. Coty Chypre perfume is also a milestone in the history of fragrance. Wish I could smell it one day, but the vintage formulation is no longer made.

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