My own Sheer Tint nail polish

Happy Hump day ….

I love the look of O.P.I sheer tints however I wanted to try to make my own for something different to do and to see if how it works. So I used a cheap clear nail polish and color as I will describe below. you tell me what you think. It would definetly work better with quick dry clear and color polish not the cheapest stuff. This is just to give you an idea unless you have already tried it. I think its neat as you can make any sheer color you want.

I used Wet N Wild wild shine clear & Wet N Wild grasping at strawberries. I emptied maybe a 1/4 of the clear and added a bit of the color to the clear and shook very well for a min. Then applied one coat on bare nails to show you. No base or top coat.

Whats your honest thoughts? Have you tried this? Do you like sheers?

DIY Sheer tint
DIY Sheer tint
Finished product: sheer Strawberries
Finished product: sheer Strawberries

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