Thank god for nail polish

Good evening, I hope you all had a great day. I am some what disappointed still no lillian eve box…post office says should be tomorrow, we will see. I have never had shipping take so long with anything I have ever ordered. I hope the products are worth it.I spent the day researching, and finding more info on my favorite cosmetics and nail polish I want, then steamed the floors and cleaned in between all my little angels and my dogs needs 🙂 Today’s assignment is hard for me so I am thinking on it.Even when I am stressed researching nail stuff calms me and brings me back to norm…does it do that for anyone else or am I just weird heehee plz be honest I wont be offended.

I hope you all sleep well or have a good time whatever time in may be where you are. hugs to all

Moisturize those cuticles before bed  


3 thoughts on “Thank god for nail polish

    1. as of right now I cannot recommend them until they fix there shipping issues long story short I am very stressed at this company. If you don’t mind waiting to get your order whenever then its probably good but if you like to know exactly when your package is coming and rely on it then nope which stinks I wasted money


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