Update :Elf cuticle pen

Hello fellow nail lovers! I said I would post an update on how it worked. Well sadly this is not something I would recommend to people with very DRY cuticles or nails,It did not help mine at all, the pen worked fine with no issues which is a plus. If you have normal nails and not overly dry cuticles this may be for you. after all it is only 1.00 on http://www.eyeslipsface.com and if you are a first time sign up for an account you get free shipping no minimum .

also, seems how that did not work before bed last night I took a q-tip and put a small dab of Aquaphor Advanced healing ointment just to my dry areas of cuticles and grooves and let it sit overnight and it worked well.


2 thoughts on “Update :Elf cuticle pen

  1. I never tried a cuticle pen. I have found that stuff like lotions or oils that are not specifically for nails have worked fine for me. I think I had success with this vitamin E oil thing by Sally Hansen though (it started leaking though, made a mess, so I dumped that one). That Sally Hansen one was mostly just convenient though since it has the paint brush. Probably any Vitamin E oil would work the same. Or coconut oil. Burt’s Bees makes that lemon cuticle stuff? Unless they discontinued it. I liked that one, in the past. Not sure its still around though. Smells nice if you like lemon scents.

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    1. yes it is :)its on my list to get ,I tried the sally hansen vitamin e and it did not work either,and many people say vitamin e really doesn’t help nails…not sure why but I think everyone is different in there needs and what works and what does not. I have a few I am going to be trying soon though 🙂 right now I am waiting for mew mani to dry 🙂 I hope your day is well

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