My daily task

Hello ladies and gents today I am going to share with you another blog that I came across yesterday in my daily task that I normally would not have checked it out. To my great pleasure he has some very interesting posts, the one blog that really caught my attention was called “love your daughter”. You may be wondering why it caught my attention as I am a blogger for nail polish haha 🙂 Well, I have 4 kids from 3 yrs to 16 yrs old and my one and only girl is 3 yrs old, and her dad is the total opposite of how the father was in this blog. That blog really I mean REALLY hit home with me as I wish all kids to be treated that way and their parents to actually care enough to have those deep emotions and connections just as I do with my kids, however sometimes parents are just so stubborn to see their flaws in parenting or they cannot admit their wrongs and learn different ways, I have worked with many children’s support groups on this in the past 5 years. I cannot go into major detail for confidentiality reasons but I truly believe this was one of the best blogs ever that I have read so far and if you’re a parent in any way you should definitely check this out

http://    This is the particular blog post that is so important and I could tal about this all day but I will let you look and judge for yourself

http://   This is the blog name that I never wold have checked out right away only because I am a nail polish blogger…and when I look up related blogs this is not related c


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