Tips For Dry Nails & Cuticles

Hello fellow nail lovers, I am sure some of you have dry nails and cuticle as I do, and sometimes we feel nothing will ever help and fully repair them…good news,There are many good products and tips to keep your Mani looking healthy 🙂

1.NEVER use acetone polish remover, this is very bad for your nails as dries them out so much. Go for acetone free polish remover or all natural remover.

2.Do not clip your nails unless absolutely needed if you already have splitting and peeling as this makes them worse and can cause your polish to peel up at the free edge of nail.

3.File your nails in one direction a crystal nail file is best and easiest on your nails. It will also help seal your free edge.

4.Cuticle remover, choose a good one let is sit for the recommended time and gently push back cuticles only use cuticle clippers if needed

5.MOISTURIZE those cuticles,nails,and nail groove with oil or cream that is very moisturizing, and has good ingredients for those nails, good ingredients are, vitamin e,jojoba oil,keratin,Shea butter,apricot oil,grape seed oil,almond oil ,just to name the most important ones. There are so many out there be sure that you choose one with pure oils in it and not a bunch of additives or fragrance. Use your cuticle oil as needed for your nails as everyone has different need levels. Some may need it 2-3 times daily and at bedtime. Some may need it only once a day. Try to always apply a good hand and nail cream after hand washing and massage it in well.

6.Polish,base,top coat… 5 or more free is best for you and your nails but come on we all know that is not for everyone and that is fine, avoid the big 3 bad ingredients No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde and try to avoid Formaldehyde Resin. Opt for a moisturizing strengthening base coat is essential.There are millions of nail treatment products out there and everyone is different you will have to go trough trial and era to find that good one that works for you.

7.Vitamins for nails, these contain essential ingredients that may help from the inside out to help the overall health,length and appearance of those beauties.

8.Try to avoid using your nails as tools, use them kindly just as you would the rest of your body.

The pictures here are from wiki search  to help show you the nail diagram M-NailAnatomynailsmag-1images (1)


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