Just a quick update

I recently opened my Amazon store for nail care products. If you click at the top of my page on “My amazon store” it will bring you directly there, I am still in the process of adding items to it It is a good place to look for nail products even if you just want to read reviews etc. There is no pressure to any of you to buy. Just letting you all know. I hope you have a great day šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Just a quick update

  1. hope all goes well selling on amazon. I looked into that venue, and perhaps will put some books, dvds, games there, but seems beauty stuff required something extra. I’d need to reread it. As in, you have to apply to sell in that category, is that correct? though, I don’t have much to sell in that category anyways.

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      1. ok yeah I do know what that is, technically am an affiliate too, I just never use it. I’ll look. I just like to be aware of all the rules and stuff in order to not have an unfortunate surprises when selling stuff.

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